Jade Regent Pathfinder Online

The Brinewall Legacy
Lickitoad Village

Our Adventure starts here…

A goblin threat has arisen in the town of Sandpoint and Sheriff Hemlock is paying top coin for every goblin ear. The rallying call of adventure has brought the party together, and though they had a rough start of leaving Sandpoint – to the apparent joy of the towns people it seems – they head off into Brinestump marsh.

Exploring the marsh they make friends with a reclusive halfling by the name of Walthus Proudstump. The heroes successfully save him from a faceless stalker attack, and as thanks offer his place to the adventurers as a base of operations.

After getting directions from Walthus to the goblin fort, the adventurers proceed to kill every goblin on the premise leaving no quarter, chasing down those wishing only to flee. Bloodlust gleamed in their eyes as they shorn limb from torso, head from body. The goblin leader holes himself up in a larger building, but this does not stop the adventurers rampage as they find their way in through a secret entrance in the back. The onslaught finally finishes as the adventurers kill the last of the goblins.


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